Spec Sheet

The portable pipeline chlorinator is a device that will take the guesswork out of chlorinating your new water pipelines. This device will allow you to adjust your incoming water flow rate and also adjust the amount of chlorine injected. This results in you being able to achieve your desired parts per million. Our 2" model is capable of 150 ppm at 150gpm! All you got to do is dial it in.



Chart 2" Model

Chart based on pump dialed in at 100%.  Results may vary.

 GPM (define) PPM (define)
50 226
75 207
100 188
125 169
150 150
175 131
200 112
225 94
250 75



Operating the Chlorinator

1.  Connect water source to inlet side of manifold. (Fire hose thread)

2.  Connect outlet side of manifold to desired location. (Fire hose thread)

3.  Connect chlorine pump to approximate 115 volt power source. (See manual or top of chlorine pump)

4.  Pour liquid chlorine into plastic tank, being careful not to overfill or spill.

5.  Turn the chlorine pump to the "on" position.

6.  Locate the bleed valve at the top rear side of the pump and turn counter clockwise to prime pump and then clockwise to shut OFF once pump is primed.

7.  Dial the chlorine pump to the desired pump rate (see chart above).

CAUTION: only turn dials while pump is running.

8.  Adjust gate valve at inlet side of manifold to achieve desired flow in gallons per minute (see chart above).

9.  Check levels at the first available outlet to confirm chlorine concentration in ppm. (There are many variables so the chart is a guideline and results will vary)

10.  After use, drain chlorine back into container using the drain valve and cycle clean water through the tank, chlorine pump, and injection tee to clear out any excess chlorine for storage.

ATTENTION: Do not expose to freezing conditions as this may cause severe and costly damage to components.  Keep all objects, dirt, and debris out of the tank.