About Us

Portable Pipeline Chlorination Products, LLC (PPCP) was born out of the idea that solutions should exist for the pipeline industry that benefits all companies, clients and the public, overall.  Every PPCP product is assembled in the United States and designed to exceed our own exceptional standards.  



Portable Pipeline Chlorination Products is a family owned and operated company.  The Kelley Family has been in the pipeline industry since the 1960s and has proven to be at a top performer for three generations in the Southern California area.  Currently owning and operating a 30+ employee pipeline company and installing an estimated 15,000 to 18,000 linear feet of water pipe per year. 

After several problems and inconsistent results with tabbing, damaging water trucks, ruining hydro pumps, paying costly subcontractors that couldn't meet their schedules, and regulations always getting more strict every year, Jay Kelley took it upon himself and decided to design and build a cost effective, portable, easy to use device with consistent results.  Initial trials of this design worked so well that the results were astonishing company wide. Every water district that witnessed the device in use and what it could do were taken back for its amazing performance.  After seeing these results time and time again, the Kelley's knew they needed to get this product into production and to other contractors in the pipeline industry for the benefit of everyone.

Thus, the Portable Pipeline Chlorinator was born.